Grayscale slams the gavel; AVAX & DOT join the family, SNX & SUSHI cast out

Though crypto is said to be decentralized, Grayscale’s recognition of crypto assets certainly help define the trajectories of coin or token prices. However, more than just new product additions, asset removals are also key in understanding what institutional investors want – or don’t want. No gray area here In a press release, Grayscale Investments shared … Read more

After Solana’s DDoS attack, crypto watchers cast doubt on Proof-of-History

Things appear to be back to business for Solana, after the fifth biggest blockchain suffered a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack that jammed the network and led to delays all around. But since then, some crypto users have been trying to analyze the root cause of the attack and whether it could happen to other chains. … Read more