5 Reasons Why Crypto and NFT Market Will Recover in 2023

Will cryptocurrency and non-fungible token (NFT) markets ever recover? It’s a valid question after everything that’s happened in the past year. Prices have plummeted, scams have run rampant, and the overall market has taken a nosedive.  By the end of November 2022, the market had decreased by 70 % from its previous peak, which was … Read more

Role of Web3 in Supply Chains and Logistics

The development of the worldwide economy is placing a lot of emphasis constantly on supply chain management and logistics. It happens particularly on the basis of today’s shipping backlog at all major global ports and the deduction in the availability of commodities in shops. In such circumstances, Web3 is integrated with supply chains and logistics … Read more

Ensure Your Investment is Safe When Purchasing an NFT or Cryptocurrency

You may have recently considered broadening your investment portfolio by purchasing some cryptocurrencies or even an NFT (Non-Fungible Token). Defending such assets from security breaches by cybercriminals is essential to keep them firmly under your ownership and control. Unfortunately, there is little that individual investors can do to control the rapid rise and fall of … Read more

Highly Anticipated Play to Earn Game Chosen Ones Launches NFT Collection

The world of online gaming has been quickly changing as the influence of blockchain continues to penetrate the industry. One such game is The Chosen Ones. Ever since it became possible to earn rewards that could be converted to real-world money, the gaming industry has been on track to grow its valuation massively as more … Read more