Grant Factory is Now Integrated with to Provide QF-as-a-Service

DoraFactory Just now·2 min read Grant Factory, one of the core modules of Dora Factory, is now available for public access via DoraHacks’ developer incentive platform Grant Factory is a decentralized quadratic funding grant middleware. It allows decentralized organizations to create and manage their own quadratic funding grant rounds to fund their developers and … Read more

Dora Factory Community Grant Round 1 concludes, 8 projects receive funding of fifty thousand…

DoraFactory Just now·1 min read The Dora Factory quadratic funding grant round-1 has closed on 31st Aug 2021. 8 projects from the grant have received 4885.7 DORA (~51,000 USD) of funding at the time of closing. The top five projects funded by the grant are DAOrayaki, LA DAO, EntangledQuery, Alexandria — Decentralized University, and Ethsign. … Read more

Dora Factory Completed Milestone-2 of The 2nd Web3 Foundation Grant

DoraFactory ·Just now We are glad to update that Dora Factory has completed the second milestone of our Open Grant at Web3 Foundation — we successfully built MolochDAO v2 pallet on Substrate. The new open source pallet can be used by any Substrate chain, parachain, or a relaychain to implement MolochDAO v2 for grant DAO … Read more

Quadratic Funding V2 Protocol: Anti-Sybil, Fairness, and Scalability On-Chain

DoraFactory Just now·4 min read Eric Zhang, Architect of Dora Factory After several months of research and engineering, we are ready to release Quadratic Funding V2 today. HackerLink is the first product that implemented on-chain quadratic voting and funding and made it scalable. Over the past year, most of major ecosystems have been hosting quadratic … Read more