MAP Protocol partners with IOST to provide Omnichain infrastructure for dApp development

MAP Protocol Aug 2 · 3 min read We are excited to announce that MAP Protocol is joining hands with IOST as Strategic Partner to support developers in upgrading their dApps to the omnichian version. MAP Protocol provides instant confirmation for omnichain transactions and verification finality by light-client, offers SDK and API for low-code deployment, … Read more

InfStones and MAP Protocol Announce Validator Agreement Supporting MAP Omnichain Network…

MAP Protocol Jul 28 · 3 min read Today, MAP Protocol, the industry-leading omnichain network infrastructure built upon Light-client and zk-SNARK, is delighted to announce its validator collaboration with InfStones, the leading validator that supports tens of thousands of nodes on more than 60 major blockchains. MAP Protocol is Board member of the Technical Board … Read more

Harmony and MAP Protocol Announce Strategic Cross-chain Partnership — Connecting Harmony with All…

MAP Protocol Jul 22 · 3 min read The industry-leading omnichain network infrastructure built upon Light-client and zk-SNARK, MAP Protocol, has announced its partnership with Harmony, an open and fast blockchain that runs Ethereum applications with 2-second transaction finality and 100 times lower fees. MAP and Harmony will work closely together to build a trustless … Read more

The Tech Stack at KodaDot

Kilian Kukelka Jun 21 · 7 min read The rare time when you can buy one of those nfts has come. Limited buy one per address. Respect the rules please. We know that making your first contribution to KodaDot can be quite an overwhelming task, especially if one isn’t already familiar with application frameworks and … Read more

Pinknode is now listed on Shiden’s dApp Staking Platform!

Pinknode Dec 1 · 5 min read Pinknode’s continuous involvement in collaborative endeavours with existing partners is an integral aspect of our commitment to advance the expansion and adoption of their projects and the Polkadot ecosystem. We are proud to announce that Pinknode has successfully enrolled into the Shiden Builders Program and has been whitelisted … Read more

So… Why Pinknode?

Pinknode Oct 22 · 3 min read Introduction With Polkadot’s recent achievements, successful Kusama parachain auctions, explosive growth in development activity, and pending highly anticipated Polkadot parachain auction, more developers will be looking for dependable infrastructure solutions to begin building on Polkadot. Amongst infrastructure components, nodes are at the core of it, performing critical functions … Read more

Pinknode’s Quarterly Brief — 1st September 2021

Pinknode Sep 1 · 6 min read Greetings Pinknodians, we bring you updates of great importance today. The past 3 months have been nothing short of eventful and we thought you’d like a rundown of what happened while the market went quiet. On 5th July 2021, Pinknode launched its beta v0.1 platform to the Polkadot … Read more

Revolutionizing decentralized cloud storage with our esteemed partner, Crust Network

Pinknode Aug 13 · 2 min read The common role in building out Polkadot’s infrastructure has brought about Pinknode’s latest partnership with Crust Network, the most promising decentralized cloud storage network for Web 3.0. About Crust’s game-changing decentralized cloud storage Crust Network utilizes a unique combination of GPoS (Guaranteed Proof of Stake) and MPoW (Meaningful … Read more