Instagram Becomes An NFT Marketplace

Meta has opened the door for creators to sell NFTs on Instagram, officially making the platform an NFT marketplace. The social media giant has begun to roll out the necessary features to facilitate the buying and selling of digital collectibles. For now, these features are accessible to only a select group of creators, with many … Read more

Instagram Expands NFT Integration With Flow Blockchain

Instagram has enabled non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on its platform in over 100 countries.  Meta Newsroom confirmed its continued expansion into the realms of Web3, as it further embraced NFTs within its ecosystem. Instagram users in Asia, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and the Americas will be able to connect their digital wallet to Instagram and showcase their … Read more

META: NFT Integration Tests on Facebook Have Started!

It has been a long wait for Facebook to start NFT integration tests. Since the company’s transition to Meta, Zuckerberg is now at the forefront of NFT integration. Not too long ago, integrating NFTs on Instagram became a reality. It was only a matter of time before Meta started testing NFT integration on Facebook. Ethereum … Read more

Instagram set to support Ethereum, Solana, Flow, and Polygon NFTs

Exciting news from Meta’s Instagram as the platform is on course to begin offering support for Polygon, Flow, Solana, and Ethereum NFTs. A couple of years ago, when Facebook now Meta acquired Instagram, the world speculated on how the acquisition will change the social networking world. Admittedly, Instagram has been pivotal to Meta’s (formerly Facebook) … Read more