Venture capitalists ready for big returns with NFTs

As the stock and crypto markets continue to underperform, venture capitalists are beginning to look towards NFTs to offer substantial returns to help with survival and growth NFTs as the saving grace 2022 has been a sad year for investors globally because, after sustained periods of growth motivated by the pandemic and other factors, global … Read more

SubDAO Completed a New Roud of Financing, Involving Dozens of Investment Institutions and…

SubDAO Network May 18·6 min read SubDAO Completed a New Roud of Financing SubDAO officially completed a new round of financing. This round of financing was involving Hypersphere Ventures, Huobi Ventures, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, CMS Holdings, Signum, NGC Ventures, Digital Finance Group(DFG), Spark, SevenX, LD Capital, Digital Renaissance Foundation, Dealean, Kernel, Divergence Ventures, Bixin Ventures, … Read more

Pinknode’s IDO Summary

Pinknode May 18 · 2 min read Our token is LIVE and this is only the beginning! Pinknode’s Polkastarter IDO on 14th May was concluded in less than 3mins despite the high gas fees when some participants had to pay more than the equivalent amount of Ethereum gas fees in order to secure the allocation … Read more

Ultimate Guide for Pinknode’s IDO — 14th May 2021

Pinknode May 13 · 3 min read You asked and we heard you, and here is everything you need to know for Pinknode’s IDO on 14th May. 14th May is going to be momentous for the Pinknode team and community, in approximately 36 hours PNODE will be live! We have successfully conducted KYC for our … Read more