Finding Kaco Finance Ambassador

Coinversation Protocol Just now·2 min read Being an Ambassador Potential ambassadors first create their #KacoFans (Kaco fans community), recruit new members, and form a core group of at least one hundred members. With the establishment of this core group, they can be formally recognized as ambassadors and need to be maintained through the following methods: … Read more

Monthly Update #September 2021: Coinversation EVM Version DEX — Kaco launched NFT, TVL has topped…

Coinversation Protocol Just now·3 min read Kaco.Finance launches DappRadar Kaco launches $POLS/ $DOT farm Launch $PHA/ $DOT farm Release KACO Lover NFT, distributed to the community in the form of activity rewards Launch $KAC staking pool Open the NFT fragmented trading market 1. Community Progress Coinversation Twitter has exceeded 33,000 followers and 22,000 telegraph members. … Read more