Kintsugi Integrates with SubSquare Governance Platform

Irena Mihova Mar 8 · 2 min read Kintsugi, the canary network of Interlay on Kusama, integrated SubSquare, a governance platform designed for substrate-based blockchains. A product of OpenSqure, SubSquare, scans and normalizes the blockchain governance data. With its rich features and better user experience, SubSquare empowers Kintsugi members to be active in the network … Read more

Kintsugi Moonriver Going Live

Irena Mihova · Follow Mar 3 · 4 min read Kintsugi <>Moonriver Going Live The long-awaited XCM channel between Kintsugi, the canary network of Interlay on Kusama, and Moonriver is now open! Users can move their KINT freely on Moonriver in seconds. Our next step is a full DeFi integration that will allow xcKINT to … Read more

Sub.ID by Subsocial adds support for Kintsugi

Irena Mihova Dec 31 · 2 min read Kintsugi UX friendly Interlay has launched a partnership with Subsocial to improve the overall user experience on Kintsugi, its canary parachain on Kusama. Subsocial integrated Kintsugi into their identity service offering, Sub.ID! You can now check your KINT balances and see how much DOT, KSM, KINT, kBTC, … Read more