Reactive NFTs: Blockchain with a touch of control & flow

Mandela Amoussou Jul 20 · 5 min read Technology evolves rapidly, in every sector. Blockchain technology, the backbone of Web3, has seen massive growth in just over a decade since its introduction. Concepts and ideas that solve real-world problems have been implemented using blockchain technology — from payment systems to validation systems. Non Fungible Tokens … Read more

KodaDot’s “Enter new Simulation”: What’s Changed

Achmad Ghifari Taufiqurrachman Jul 8 · 3 min read Our talented team of builders continues their advancement of our platform in order to bring you the best version of KodaDot. On our latest release, ‘enter new simulation’, we have been really productive with 58 merged PRs and one new contributor, @KngZhi which further expands our … Read more

The Tech Stack at KodaDot

Kilian Kukelka Jun 21 · 7 min read The rare time when you can buy one of those nfts has come. Limited buy one per address. Respect the rules please. We know that making your first contribution to KodaDot can be quite an overwhelming task, especially if one isn’t already familiar with application frameworks and … Read more

KodaDot’s “Breakup of Yugoslavia”: What’s changed

Achmad Ghifari Taufiqurrachman Apr 10 · 3 min read We here at KodaDot always strive to give our users the best experience when using our platform. And thanks to our talented developers, we are able to bring these visions to life. In this part of the release “Breakup of Yugoslavia”, I will explain what’s changed … Read more

You don’t need to go far to help the nature, just mint on KodaDot!

damsky Mar 30 · 4 min read Article describing KodaDot and RMTerra reforestation initiative One of the creators and contestants from KodaDot community joined the movement by creating KodaForest banner! Shoutout to gggarl for this creation! Carbon neutral blockchains, climmate changes, global heating. All these topics are worth diving deep into. Our mission here is … Read more

KodaDot x Blockathon DAO Hackathon

XyloDrone Mar 14 · 2 min read KodaDot is proud to announce a collaborative hackathon with Blockathon Dao! We will have an opening talk on the 17th of March at 9am UTC with Damsky, Prachi and XyloDrone in the Blockathon Dao Discord. The introduction will consist of UX methodologies, radical open source, approaches to building … Read more