The real reasons behind Polkadot’s [DOT] 11% week are…

Polkadot has been on the up this week on the back of the crypto-market’s changing bullish tides. In fact, the same was underlined by the double-digit gains recorded by DOT. Many considered this market sentiment a result of “biting the Merge news,” but Polkadot has its own reasons. Developments in the ecosystem seem to have … Read more

kBTC Collateral Analysis: KSM

Irena Mihova Mar 24 · 4 min read An analysis of KSM as collateral for kBTC. We propose collateral thresholds that should be used for KSM as collateral. kBTC is the flagship product of Interlay on the Kusama (KSM) network. kBTC is a 1:1 Bitcoin-backed asset on Kusama, maintained by a decentralized network of collateralized … Read more

Polkadot: Is the parachain auction hype REALLY worth it

With the global crypto-market cap down by over 0.64%, Wednesday started off as a gloomy day for most large-cap coins. Nonetheless, like always, there were a couple of exceptions and Polkadot was one of them. The 8th-ranked alt by market capitalization managed to appreciate by more than 15% in a 24-hour window. In fact, it … Read more

These Polkadot, Kusama on-chain metrics are falling but…

Altcoins, to a certain extent, have been following Bitcoin’s footsteps of late. Their charts these days are typically characterized by dwindling market caps and plummeting prices. Polkadot’s tale seemed to be no different at the time of writing. Out of the top ten cryptos in the market, DOT shed the highest value (10.07%) over the past … Read more

How to Unbond KSM for Crowdloans

Moonbeam Foundation May 25 · 6 min read The approval of upgrade v0.9.1 on Kusama introduces crowdloan functionality to the network. A crowdloan is a funding mechanism that allows KSM holders to support a project by locking their tokens until the end of the lease of the slot. The parachain project can use these tokens … Read more