Bifrost Launches on Karura Swap With Over 200k BNC in Liquidity Mining Rewards

Robin Whitney Oct 19 · 4 min read Trustless trading for the BNC/kUSD pair will go live following a 48-hour period of one- or two-sided bootstrap provisioning on Karura. Karura Swap, the AMM-style decentralized exchange on Kusama, has joined forces with Bifrost Finance to introduce its newest trading pair BNC/kUSD. The pair will launch in … Read more

Polkadot: Treasury with more than $800 million to be spent on…

The eighth biggest blockchain by market cap, Polkadot, has been making headlines in October. One reason was DOT’s strong price rally since 13 October, as previously reported. The rally could also be linked to some exciting developments ahead, such as the upcoming parachain launch and the slot auctions. Adding to this chain of events, founder Gavin … Read more

Scaling Polkadex Unique DEX Solution with Pinknode

Pinknode Oct 15 · 3 min read In seeking to further the evolution of DeFi, an increasing number of platforms are going “back to the future” by combining the best of DeFi and CeFi into one decentralized platform. This is why Pinknode’s latest collaborator, Polkadex, seeks to combine the DeFi-based benefits of automated market makers … Read more

Polkadot: Is the parachain auction hype REALLY worth it

With the global crypto-market cap down by over 0.64%, Wednesday started off as a gloomy day for most large-cap coins. Nonetheless, like always, there were a couple of exceptions and Polkadot was one of them. The 8th-ranked alt by market capitalization managed to appreciate by more than 15% in a 24-hour window. In fact, it … Read more

Kintsugi Wins Parachain Slot 11 — Bitcoin is Coming to Kusama

Alexei Zamyatin Oct 13 · 8 min read After over a month of fierce competition, surprises and success stories, the second batch of the Kusama parachain auctions is coming to an end. For Kintsugi, these auctions turned into an emotional rollercoaster… with a happy end! Kintsugi has officially won the 11th Kusama Parachain Slot! The … Read more

Acala Ecosystem Update — September 2021

Robin Whitney Oct 4 · 6 min read Acala Launches Liquid Staking for Polkadot & Kusama, Announces Partnerships with Blockdaemon and Chainlink, and Awards the First Acala Grant to Nuts Finance September was another creative and productive month as Acala debuted KSM Liquid Staking on its sister network Karura, formed new partnerships with Blockdaemon and … Read more

Altair’s Winning Parachain Bid: Making Sense of the Kusama Parachain Candle Auctions

May the VRF odds be ever in your favor Miguel Hervas Oct 2 · 3 min read From giphy First of all — a huge THANK YOU to the entire Altair community for your support in the Altair crowdloan! Altair won the 9th parachain slot auction in dramatic fashion — so we wanted to lay … Read more

Acala Launches First Liquid Staking Product for Polkadot & Kusama in Partnership With Blockdaemon

Robin Whitney Sep 28 · 5 min read Top infrastructure provider now supports Acala’s KSM Liquid Staking product on the Karura parachain Acala, the decentralized finance network and liquidity hub of Polkadot is pleased to announce its partnership with Blockdaemon, a top-performing blockchain infrastructure provider, to support its newly-launched staking derivatives for Polkadot (DOT) and … Read more

Five reasons why Kintsugi should live on Kusama

Irena Mihova Sep 27 · 3 min read In the last couple of days, the Kusama auctions have been fascinating to watch as projects are caught in an intense competition with each other to get a slot. Communities are actively cheering, campaigning on Twitter and showing incredible support for projects they believe in, and it … Read more

Moonriver Enters to First Phase of Launch to Kusama

Katherine Jul 9 · 3 min read Boston, MA — July 9, 2021 — Moonbeam, the Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform on Polkadot, announced today that Moonriver, its community-led sister network on Kusama, has completed the initial step of its Phase Zero began last Tuesday when Moonriver started producing blocks on Kusama, though governance and infrastructure … Read more