How to use Ledger with Pontem wallet: a short guide

Pontem Wallet is now the first wallet for Aptos with Ledger support!The app is still experimental, but you can already store APT on a Ledger Nano and send it to others. What’s more, you can easily swap crypto on the Liquidswap DEX using the smooth Ledger integration with Pontem Wallet. Ledger is the most popular … Read more

Ledger now supports Aptos dApps through Pontem Wallet

Ledger users can connect to the Aptos blockchain and interact with dApps on Pontem Wallet. The integration makes it possible to swap APT and other assets on the Liquidswap DEX, as well as interact with other dApps using Ledger hardware wallets. First Aptos Wallet with Ledger Support Now Live Aptos is the Layer 1 blockchain … Read more

Ledger Unveils New Hardware Wallet For NFTs

Leading crypto hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger has unveiled a new device for NFTs. The device, dubbed Ledger Stax, features a large touch screen and is easier to use compared to previous versions. According to Ledger, users will be able to manage NFT collections and over 500 crypto coins on the device. To create the device, … Read more

Ledger NFTs Sell Out In Just 24 Hours After Launch

In just 24 hours after launch, the Ledger Market sold 10,000 NFTS, featuring the first-ever secure clear signing mint. Ever since NFTs became mainstream in 2021, new marketplaces started popping up. Currently, there are nearly 250 active NFT marketplaces. However, most platforms don’t have the same security features as Ledger. The heightened security played a … Read more

Ledger debuts crypto hardware wallet with NFT support

Ledger recently launched its hardware crypto wallet with upgraded crypto support, and since its pre-launch, it has sold over 10,000 units Ledger is here for you On Tuesday, April 5, Ledger shared the latest version of its crypto hardware wallet, named Ledger Nano S Plus and the list of features is impressive, to say the … Read more

How To Use Ledger with Genshiro: Guide

Equilibrium Dec 8 · 5 min read Today we’re happy to announce Genshiro substrate support for Ledger X and Ledger S devices. It’s been a long and tedious journey for us, but we’ve finally made it, and now the Genshiro application is officially listed in Ledger Live. One caveat to be aware of is that … Read more

Equilibrium Presents Its Ledger Application

Equilibrium Jul 21 · 4 min read We are the first substrate project to add support for Ledger devices directly into our substrate and parachain. Our ledger app is currently in line to be added to the Manager section of Ledger Live. This development significantly improves security for those holding EQ and GENS in a … Read more

Polkadot Now Supported on Ledger Live

Polkadot Mar 4 · 2 min read Polkadot on Ledger Live Walkthrough Support for Polkadot accounts has come to Ledger Live, including the ability to nominate and receive staking rewards. Previously, Ledger Nano S and Nano X devices were supported when used in conjunction with Polkadot-JS Apps. Now, users have the option of managing their … Read more