Genshiro Liquidity Bootstrap Event Is Starting on March 22

Equilibrium Mar 21 · 4 min read Ahead of our soon orderbook DEX launch, Genshiro users can become liquidity providers for bailout pools or our new MM pools and earn bootstrap rewards from a special GENS allocation. We have allocated 36,000,000 GENS for these rewards in total that will be distributed among participants of the … Read more

Equilibrium Introduces Market Maker Pools For Its DEX

Equilibrium Mar 18 · 5 min read Equilibrium will be launching liquidity pools for supporting market maker activity on its DEX. Our exchange will be the first orderbook DEX in the Dotsama ecosystem. It will be deployed on the Genshiro canary network first and expanded to Polkadot after Equilibrium’s parachain launch. MM pools will allow … Read more