How to use Ledger with Pontem wallet: a short guide

Pontem Wallet is now the first wallet for Aptos with Ledger support!The app is still experimental, but you can already store APT on a Ledger Nano and send it to others. What’s more, you can easily swap crypto on the Liquidswap DEX using the smooth Ledger integration with Pontem Wallet. Ledger is the most popular … Read more

Ledger now supports Aptos dApps through Pontem Wallet

Ledger users can connect to the Aptos blockchain and interact with dApps on Pontem Wallet. The integration makes it possible to swap APT and other assets on the Liquidswap DEX, as well as interact with other dApps using Ledger hardware wallets. First Aptos Wallet with Ledger Support Now Live Aptos is the Layer 1 blockchain … Read more