Litecoin Casinos: How They Work and What it Means for Gamblers

Online gambling platforms have seen a significant increase in active users since the introduction of cryptocurrencies. This new technology created opportunities to make efficient transactions comfortably, as Bitcoin casinos now offer excellent gambling options. Another exciting cryptocurrency people use for gambling operations today is Litecoin. The systems of Litecoin casinos are like this operator of … Read more

Update 17: Final LiteBringer Update

This post was originally published on litebringer As we announced about a month ago, we decided to discontinue LiteBringer’s development. Today, the final update has been released. Removal of Subscription and Trading Fees As of now, LiteBringer is completely free to play, there are no microtransactions or monthly fees required to play. The only ‘cost’ … Read more

Ethereum, Polkadot, Litecoin Price Analysis: 28 August

Bitcoin and Ethereum spurred a cascading effect in the broader market as the coins stood above $48K and at $3238.42, respectively.  Polkadot rose by 4.7% and prepared to test the $26.74 resistance mark, while Litecoin also flashed bullishness as it inched closer to its immediate price ceiling of $180.87.  Ethereum (ETC) ETH/USD, TradingView Ethereum recovered … Read more

Litecoin, Ethereum Classic and Polkadot Price Analysis: 16 August

Altcoins Litecoin, Ethereum Classic and Polkadot, all rose on their charts over the last 24 hours, owing to Bitcoin and Ethereum’s northbound movements. LTC held itself above its support region of $175.35 as it logged a 2.5% increase in prices, ETC eyed its immediate resistance of $76.70 as it traded at $75.44. DOT shot up … Read more

Cardano, Litecoin and Polkadot: What traders need to know

Even though Bitcoin controls almost half of the entire crypto market, altcoins play a very important role in uplifting the market as well. Looking at the recent performance of some major altcoins, it appears that they have the potential to take the altcoin market cap (Altcap) to higher major levels.  Are altcoins worth it? They … Read more

Bitcoin, Litecoin, DOT Price Analysis: 05 July

A plunge in Bitcoin’s price over the past day led to the alts experiencing similar movement. The top coin lost 2.6% of its valuation during this time, while Litecoin and DOT too sank over 1%. The coins continued their downtrend at the time of writing, even as they moved in constricted price ranges, while maintaining … Read more

BIC’s Crypto Video News Show: Top 5 Altcoins for April

In this episode of the BeInCrypto video news show, host Jessica Walker looks at the picks for April’s Top 5 Altcoins. We will look at recent price movements and relevant news. First, we look at Litecoin and Polkadot, whose upward trends continue to look appealing amongst altcoins. We will analyze Neo, which seems to be … Read more