Based on the cumulative returns, here are the top alts to consider investing in

In crypto, there’s a tendency to focus on market caps and daily price movements. But for a fresh perspective, let’s instead take a look at the cumulative returns for some top assets this week. Altcoins battle it out Messari’s recap for the week ending 3 March revealed that the altcoin champion of the week was … Read more

XRP, Polkadot, Terra Price Analysis: 19 September

Altcoins such as XRP, DOT and Terra have all shown lateral trading with minor losses over the last 24 hours. XRP’s continued consolidation could push it below the dollar mark, to trade near $0.94. DOT was inching towards its immediate price floor of $33.37. Lastly, Terra was moving towards its one-week low of $25.93 after … Read more