BlockTower Credit and MakerDAO to Fund $220 Million of Real-World Assets through Centrifuge

Asad Khan Dec 14 · 4 min read We’re incredibly excited to close the year with the official launch of a $220 million fund with our partners BlockTower Credit and MakerDAO. The executive vote passed on Sunday, December 11, and Maker will deploy four vaults to fund investments in real-world assets (RWA), originated by BlockTower … Read more

APRIL DROPMaker, Maker, and an AMA with Maker. Oh and $10M TVL!

Helena Flack Apr 22 · 4 min read Hello Centrifuge World! Wow. What a month. We’ve had some of the biggest news to come out of Centrifuge so far, so here’s a round-up of events, so you don’t get FOMO. To date, DeFi has mostly been a playground for crypto savvy individuals, but with Centrifuge … Read more

DeFi 2.0 — First Real World Loan is Financed on Maker

Lea Schmitt Apr 21 · 3 min read Centrifuge & Maker collaboration goes live, New Silver become the first to connect DeFi to Real World Assets The worlds of TradFi and DeFi are finally colliding: New Silver, a pool of fix and flip loans on Centrifuge Tinlake, just financed its first loan using MakerDAO as … Read more

As Composable As It Gets

Piecing together trillions in assets and DeFi Lea Schmitt Apr 7 · 4 min read Imagine a world where everyone could access finance. No matter who or where they are. Imagine that decisions for this accessibility were democratized and trustless, and not reliant on a single entity. That magical world of DeFi that we’ve all … Read more