Launch a blockchain-based data marketplace in under 1 hour

Learn how to fork Ocean Market and get your own data marketplace up and running in 9 steps Sections1. Introduction 2. Before You Begin 3. Required Prerequisites 4. Quickstart: data marketplace up and running in under 1 hour! 4.1 Fork Ocean Market4.2 Clone the market locally4.3 Install the dependencies4.4 Run your Market fork for the … Read more

Polka.Domain September Updates

Polka.Domain Just now·2 min read Summary We’ve got exciting news! The Polka.Domain faucet is up and dripping 💧💧💧. Starting September, the team is looking to roll out Polka.Domain beta version, and would welcome our community to participate in various testing activities. We are finalizing some more details with the marketplace, below are some snapshots of … Read more

PolkaRare and Rage.Fan Announces a Brand New Partnership

PolkaRARE May 14·3 min read PolkaRare is thrilled to welcome its new partner, Rage.Fan, a fan-first and blockchain underpinned gaming platform. Rage.Fan is built on Ethereum and offers Fantasy Fantasy Sports and Quizzing games to fans who love sports and games. It aims to solve the various issues that players face at present. Rage.Fan aims … Read more