Microsoft’s Metaverse Dream Is In Jeopardy Following Massive Layoffs

Microsoft’s Metaverse dream appears to be in limbo after the tech giant laid off over 10,000 employees. Most of the departments affected include those running the AR and VR projects, the two key components of the metaverse. Now, the company is likely to pause its development of the HoloLens and other headset-based projects. The massive … Read more

The Battle for Metaverse OS: The Four-Way War for Web 3.0

The future of the Metaverse is up for grabs, with Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Meta all fighting for a piece of the pie. The concept of the Metaverse is ever-evolving. But ever since Neal Stephenson conceived the idea, one thing has remained consistent to this day. To access the Metaverse, we’ll need a high-tech VR … Read more

Microsoft and Meta Announce a Metaverse Partnership

At Microsoft Ignite, the company’s annual event held in New York, the company announced a new partnership with Meta to work on improving its Metaverse hardware. Earlier this month, Microsoft held its annual Ignite event in New York. During a keynote speech, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella unveiled three new Surface computers, as well as a … Read more

Microsoft Teases Its Metaverse with New Updates to Xbox and Teams

Microsoft created the metaverse just after Facebook changed its name to Meta to create virtual places for companies and consumers. A virtual experience stage called Mesh is being integrated into Microsoft Teams.  Mixed reality and the HoloLens are part of the larger effort to incorporate animated avatars into meetings or video conversations in that everyone … Read more