What is Sound.xyz?

The NFT art landscape is dominated by visual arts. We need more tools, dapps, protocols, and marketplaces to help us discover and consume music in new ways. Sound.xyz is a music-centric NFT marketplace that held north of 170 drops to date and helped artists earn over $3.5M.  Listening parties The music platform is particularly known for its … Read more

Play2Earn Expo Asia Coverage: Gala Music Takes Fans to Snoop Dogg BBQ

Sarah Buxton has announced that Gala Music will be taking a group of fans to enjoy a live barbecue with Snoop Dogg. The Gala COO stole the show at Play2Earn Expo Asia on Thursday with an impactful speech about the power of Web3 in the entertainment sector.  She revealed that Gala Music had already spent $2 … Read more

Crypto.com and Fantagio Launch ‘Meta Miu’s’ Debut Single

Crypto.com has announced its first NFT collaboration with South Korean entertainment company Fantagio. The two companies will launch the metaverse idol Meta Miu’s debut single ‘Uptown Boy’ on August 11th at Crypto.com/NFT. The drop consists of five music NFTs of ‘Uptown Boy’, of which four NFTs contain different segments of the song and one NFT … Read more

Can I Mix You A Drink: A New NFT Collection Inspired By T-Pain On Crypto.com

Crypto.com has curated a whole NFT collection based around famous American rapper ‘T-Pain’ which is inspired from his own cocktail recipe book called ‘Can I Mix You A Drink?’ or CIMYAD.  The CIMYAD collection will feature animations of various T-Pain cocktails including a recipe for each.  But what has T-Pain got to do with cocktails? … Read more

Muse NFT Album a First for the Music Charts

British rock band Muse will release their ninth studio album, ‘Will of the People’, as an NFT. The band will use a new format, digital pressing. The new digital format will make it the first chart-eligible NFT album, which is a world-first for the music industry. The Muse NFT album sale The band made the … Read more

Spotify NFT – An Effort To Improve Artist And Fan Experiences

Spotify has decided to enter the world of the NFT. Although they are taking small steps, it is a start towards something huge. YouTube NFT is also on the path with a similar objective. Meanwhile, social platforms like Facebook and Instagram Meta are working on NFT integration, as well. Let’s take a look at what … Read more

Chainsmokers set to share 1% of royalties with fans

Chainsmokers are set to revolutionize the music industry as the music band is ready to share royalties of their new album with 5,000 lucky fans thanks to the power of NFTs. Chainsmokers in the Web3 space A few years ago, some stakeholders in the NFT space predicted that NFTs would infiltrate every facet of life … Read more

BeatHeadz music NFTs from Aloe Blacc and Philip Lumbang

Grammy-nominated recording artist Aloe Blacc and renowned LA street artist Philip Lumbang have teamed up for the launch of the debut “BeatHeadz” collection, at crypto.com/nft on April 21.  The generative profile picture (PFP) collection will consist of 10,808  headphones-adorned avatars and will feature accompanying beats that the team will later airdrop to collectors. Blacc, a strong advocate … Read more

ShiGGa Shay Drops Debut NFT Collection ‘SPACEBARS’

Singaporean artist ShiGGa Shay is launching his debut NFT collection on April 13th at Crypto.com/NFT. This will unlock an exclusive, 16-bar freestyle song for 999 NFT holders.  The rapper’s NFT collection, entitled ‘SPACEBARS’, includes nine 3D animated cards with three types of rarity – common (900), rare (90) and ultra-rare (9).  All NFT holders, regardless of … Read more