KodaDot is launching its first NFT community collection Berliner

Clairee Mar 14 · 3 min read As a community-driven NFT marketplace, we are proud to introduce our first community NFT collection: “Berliner”. With 33 unique NFTs, each one featuring a little bit different design created by the talented artist Ergione, this collection represents a new chapter in our journey together. Exclusive Benefits for the … Read more

How to use Topaz NFT Marketplace with Pontem Wallet

Pontem is the first Aptos wallet to integrate Topaz natively: you can trade NFTs right in the wallet! In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to do it, and how to trade NFTs on Topaz the regular way using Pontem Wallet. Topaz is the biggest NFT marketplace on the Aptos blockchain by trading volume as … Read more

Bybit Hailed Best NFT Marketplace

Leading crypto exchange Bybit is now the proud owner of the award for ‘Best NFT Marketplace’. The world’s third most visited crypto exchange scooped the award at the Middle East Blockchain Awards in Abu Dhabi.  The award was announced on November 18th at a ceremony in Abu Dhabi.  Amongst tough competition, Bybit was deemed the … Read more

Comparison of royalty models among NFT marketplaces

Creator royalties provide artists with revenue both from primary and secondary sales. Resale royalties are deemed important because they enable creators to earn recurring incomes. As such, they have been one of the main value propositions of art NFTs.  Setting NFT royalties is mostly at the discretion of marketplaces. Therefore, keeping up with the royalty … Read more

Contributor Culture at KodaDot

Kilian Kukelka Aug 11 · 7 min read KodaDot contributors As KodaDot keeps growing at a steady pace, we thought it was about time to share some insights into our very active contributor culture that has been essential to the success of the platform. In this article we further want to highlight the workflows we … Read more

Ledger NFTs Sell Out In Just 24 Hours After Launch

In just 24 hours after launch, the Ledger Market sold 10,000 NFTS, featuring the first-ever secure clear signing mint. Ever since NFTs became mainstream in 2021, new marketplaces started popping up. Currently, there are nearly 250 active NFT marketplaces. However, most platforms don’t have the same security features as Ledger. The heightened security played a … Read more

The Tech Stack at KodaDot

Kilian Kukelka Jun 21 · 7 min read The rare time when you can buy one of those nfts has come. Limited buy one per address. Respect the rules please. We know that making your first contribution to KodaDot can be quite an overwhelming task, especially if one isn’t already familiar with application frameworks and … Read more

It’s time for the Robinhood NFT Marketplace

Robinhood is one of the most successful trading platforms in recent years, the company gained success as a retail platform, and now it’s entering the NFT marketplace space It’s Robinhood O’clock You may be familiar with the stock trading platform Robinhood; the retail platform has registered a considerable amount of success since its launch. Robinhood … Read more

KodaDot’s “Breakup of Yugoslavia”: What’s changed

Achmad Ghifari Taufiqurrachman Apr 10 · 3 min read We here at KodaDot always strive to give our users the best experience when using our platform. And thanks to our talented developers, we are able to bring these visions to life. In this part of the release “Breakup of Yugoslavia”, I will explain what’s changed … Read more

APENFT Marketplace Developer Sprint Arrives with Million-Dollar Prizes to Boost NFT Ecosystems

Singapore / April 6, 2022 / – Today, the APENFT Marketplace Developer Sprint kicks off, following the Marketplace Testnet launch. APENFT Marketplace has positioned a $2 million prize pool to aid outstanding NFT developers, reward teams who build the finest NFT projects, and diversify the broad NFT ecosystems. The APENFT Marketplace Developer Sprint marks the … Read more