KodaDot is launching its first NFT community collection Berliner

Clairee Mar 14 · 3 min read As a community-driven NFT marketplace, we are proud to introduce our first community NFT collection: “Berliner”. With 33 unique NFTs, each one featuring a little bit different design created by the talented artist Ergione, this collection represents a new chapter in our journey together. Exclusive Benefits for the … Read more

Pontem NFT Retro Map: The Road So Far

Pontem is much more than Pontem Wallet and Liquidswap DEX: it’s also responsible for some of the most successful NFT projects on Aptos. Let’s look back at our main NFT milestones of the past months! Pontem’s Space Pirates are the first-ever Mint-to-Earn NFT collection on Aptos. Not only was the mint free — every whitelisted … Read more

Introducing: MoveCon 2023

The biggest crypto conference in Move history, online & in-person Here’s an announcement we’ve been excited about for a long time: We’re hosting MoveCon, the biggest live Move and Aptos conference in the history of the Move ecosystem, from March 3rd to 5th! And we’re live streaming the entire crypto event, so you can join … Read more

KodaDot Artist Referral program

Luuu Feb 21 · 2 min read With the updates coming almost every week, the redesign of our platform, and new campaigns, it’s time to onboard some fresh talents! Is your friend an NFT artist? Did you see a nice NFT collection that appeared on your Twitter feed? Have you met an interesting artist in … Read more

MAP Protocol Partners with CATASTROPHY to Revolutionize Utility NFTs with Full Cross-Chain…

MAP Protocol 💙MAPO Feb 17 · 3 min read MAP Protocol, the 100% Nakamoto Style omnichain layer built upon light-client and ZK technology, and CATASTROPHY, the NFT-gated MultiPass with bonafide BUIDL utility, have partnered together to embark on the effort of transforming utility NFTs in the omnichain space. Empower CATASTROPHY with MAP Protocol’s full-chain interoperability … Read more

Become an Artist Ambassador on KodaDot!

Luuu Feb 15 · 2 min read Are you a good NFT artist? Choose an artist track, become our Ambassador, and get rewarded for doing what you love. Who loves good art when they see it? Almost everyone (especially those with good taste). This year we are focusing on artists even more, so we prepared … Read more

Spotlight: Cross Chain NFTs and 1:1 NFT Art on Moonbeam

Katherine Oct 27, 2022 · 9 min read The NFT scene on Moonbeam has grown with the development of new blockchain technology. New use cases that include the freedom for users to access their NFTs across blockchains and the concept of one-of-one NFTs are making waves in the space. Moonbeam is actively improving cross-chain access … Read more

How to use Topaz NFT Marketplace with Pontem Wallet

Pontem is the first Aptos wallet to integrate Topaz natively: you can trade NFTs right in the wallet! In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to do it, and how to trade NFTs on Topaz the regular way using Pontem Wallet. Topaz is the biggest NFT marketplace on the Aptos blockchain by trading volume as … Read more

NFTs and Art

Throughout history, art has always changed. From the realistic, linear perspective of Renaissance art to the emotional, bold style of Impressionism, art has evolved over time to inspire new generations. Digital art, which is a general term that encompasses art created or enhanced with technology and consumed through an electronic device, has become an increasingly … Read more

Is the Process of Purchasing Crypto and NFTs Complicated

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency created in 2009 by a programmer called Satoshi Nakamoto. Today it remains the most popular and valuable digital currency across the world with a market cap of over $846 billion. This revolutionary currency has enabled people to store and transfer funds in a decentralized, trustless environment — paving the way … Read more