Candy Digital will offer the first NFTs from Getty Images for the Palm

A multi-year agreement has been reached between Getty Images, an American-based visual media company, and Candy Digital, a digital collectible platform. Candy is now Getty Images’ sole developer and market for the upcoming new products. As part of this new alliance, Getty Images and Candy Digital will create a unique NFT product collection that will … Read more

Gen Z can’t get enough of NFTs and Cryptocurrencies

NFTS and Crypto-assets offer attractive opportunities for ‘Zoomers’ – the digital Generation Z poised to take over the global trade and usage of digital assets. However, in a currently unregulated and often risky space – these young trendsetters need to be careful. FOMO? When we consider the technology behind crypto assets, it comes as no … Read more

DeFi Land Enters P2E Beta Testing Phase!

DeFi Land is set to launch its new play-to-earn (P2E) experience on May 18th at 8 pm UST. The popular farming game has achieved over 7,500 daily active users (DAU) and will now transition into “the greatest chapter so far in DeFi Land history”. The new P2E economy in DeFi Land will be driven by … Read more

Nate Trillo Launches EVERFYRE, Quadruples in Value in Three Weeks

Key Opinion Leader Nate Trillo Says Crypto and NFTs Are Drivers of Future Financial Success Midlothian native, Nate Trillo launched the NFT, EVERFYRE on OpenSea in late February which has since generated more than $250,000 in net worth—creating a new financial opportunity for investors worldwide. EVERFYRE launched 500 NFTs in late February at .2 Ethereum—equivalent … Read more

Arsenal Football Club ready to enter the NFT sphere

Arsenal is one of the most successful and recognizable football brands in England and, by extension, the world; here’s what the club has in store for those interested in Web3. Arsenal in the 21st Century Arsenal is one of the major legacy teams in England, and the club holds the title of being the only … Read more

Influence of NFTs on POP Culture in 2022

As a hot topic and commodity, non-fungible tokens have recently gained traction. Some think they’re ridiculous, while others believe they’re the future of technology. Non-fungible tokens have become a trendy issue, and a hot commodity, in the cryptocurrency industry.  In any event, NFTs are here to stay, so we’ll look at the fundamentals of the … Read more

Bitski and Tezos Power Red Bull’s First-Ever NFT Drop at Miami Grand Prix 2022

NFT wallet provider Bitski has combined with the Tezos blockchain to launch Red Bull’s debut NFT collection ‘Red Bull Guest House Keys’. The NFT collection will unlock special access and benefits to guests staying at and attending, the Red Bull Guest House Miami 2022. As the inaugural Miami Grand Prix approaches on Sunday, all attendees … Read more

NFT Adoption Surges Among Influencers & Celebrities

Actors, rappers, athletes, celebrities, influencers, even billionaires – these days everyone seems to be jumping onto the non-fungible token (NFT) bandwagon. From ape-ing into high-priced NFTs like the BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club) collection and others, flexing their million-dollar NFT profile pics on the internet, to selling NFTs of their own, NFTs are no longer … Read more

Team 17’s Experience Serves as NFT Warning for Developers

Wherever you turn these days, you’re likely to find news about NFTs. Whether it is a football club selling their tokens, a video game developer dipping their toe in the water, or a record-breaking art sale, NFTs are everywhere. They could be described as the newest craze, and people are eager to get on board. However, … Read more