First Cristiano Ronaldo NFT Collection to Auction on Binance NFT

Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be hoarding the football news headlines this week. First, it was his trashing of Manchester United and its manager. Now, we get the news, that Ronaldo has teamed up to launch a Cristiano Ronaldo NFT collection with Binance. The first NFT collection drops on November 18 on the Binance NFT marketplace. … Read more

Can a 17-year-old Buy an NFT?

The short answer is no. Most blockchain ‘play to earn games’ and NFT trading platforms have rules that state players must be 18 years old or higher. Furthermore, age limits differ across different US states. Take Mississippi for example, there you need to be 21 years old to buy and sell NFTs, and in Nebraska, … Read more

The Future of NFTs: What Are NFT-Based Travel-Loyalty Programs?

Today, the world sees the latest development in disruptive blockchain technology innovations: the brand new NFT flow is spreading around the globe at the speed of light. Some NFT owners earn millions, while others make careers and grow new businesses, and invest in potentially lucrative products. The current NFT market is estimated at $41B and … Read more

NFTs and Restaurants – A Match Made In Gastronomic Heaven?

According to statistics from blockchain analysis experts Chainananlysis Inc., the NFT marketplace grew at a lightning-fast pace with figures for 2021 indicating the potential for further massive future growth. They reported that customers sent ‘at least $44.2 billion worth of cryptocurrency’ to Ethereum smart contracts related to NFT collections and marketplaces. The recent downturn in … Read more

META History NFT Museum Raised Over $1,000,000 in Support of Ukraine

The META HISTORY project team created Ukraine’s first NFT war museum one month after Russia’s full-scale war. Since then we have managed to raise $1,290,398 (803.28 ETH) for the Aid For Ukraine crypto fund, created by the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation together with the Ukrainian crypto platform KUNA and the blockchain company Everstake, and … Read more

NFT Worlds to Develop Game after Minecraft Rejects NFTs

NFT Worlds received a kick in the teeth with Minecraft’s sudden announcement that NFTs are a ‘no no’ on their platform. Many say the announcement showed a total disregard for all Web 3 games currently being developed on Minecraft.  Many gamers will be over the moon with Mojang studios’ announcement, but what about developers who … Read more

Virality in NFT Branding: Investors Making New Connections in Valuations

In the last couple of years, investors in the NFT (non-fungible token) space have raised an important factor above all else: “the community.” It seems as if an NFT’s brand and its community are becoming one. The community, after all, defines the brand’s value. All that being said, it will become increasingly important for investors … Read more

The Current Environmental Impacts of NFTs and The Future of Digital Art

NFTs have been a hot topic in the digital art world for the past few years. While the concept of digital art is not new, NFTs have added a new layer of complexity and opportunity for artists. The use of blockchain technology to create and verify these digital assets has allowed for a whole new … Read more

Candy Digital will offer the first NFTs from Getty Images for the Palm

A multi-year agreement has been reached between Getty Images, an American-based visual media company, and Candy Digital, a digital collectible platform. Candy is now Getty Images’ sole developer and market for the upcoming new products. As part of this new alliance, Getty Images and Candy Digital will create a unique NFT product collection that will … Read more

Gen Z can’t get enough of NFTs and Cryptocurrencies

NFTS and Crypto-assets offer attractive opportunities for ‘Zoomers’ – the digital Generation Z poised to take over the global trade and usage of digital assets. However, in a currently unregulated and often risky space – these young trendsetters need to be careful. FOMO? When we consider the technology behind crypto assets, it comes as no … Read more