How Polkadot Parachain Auctions Work

Katherine Oct 15 · 13 min read This is an updated version of the article that was originally published on June 15, 2021. This is designed to be an educational resource and does not discuss the details of any specific crowdloan. Visit the Moonbeam Foundation site for more information about the Moonbeam crowdloan and the … Read more

Rococo Revamp — Becoming a Community Parachain Testbed

Polkadot Oct 15 · 3 min read By Ben Weiß, Parity Technologies Ecosystem Success Lead Rococo has come a long way over its short life. Initially conceived to test parachain functionality back in summer 2020, it has now evolved to become the testnet for teams building parachains in the ecosystem. Rococo V0 enabled the first … Read more

Introducing Equilibrium’s Revolutionary Fluid xDOT Staking

Equilibrium Oct 19 · 4 min read We are proud to introduce a new mechanic that significantly enhances the user experience for those contributing crowdloan campaigns on Polkadot: fluid xDOT staking! Current options for crowdloan participants Imagine that you are contributing DOT to a parachain project to help them win a slot (like ours for … Read more

Hurry Up To Get An Increased 15% Bonus For Equilibrium Waitlist Participants!

Equilibrium Oct 12 · 1 min read There’s no time like the present to earn a 15% bonus in EQ tokens on your contributions to the Equilibrium crowdloan campaign! Join the crowdloan waitlist, invite your friends, and collect your bonuses! For those who join Equilibrium’s crowdloan waitlist from now until October 19th (9 pm UTC): … Read more

Assisting SigmaDex get ahead in the cross-chain game

Pinknode Sep 10 · 3 min read Sigmadex, Pinknode’s most recent collaborator, is the first major cross-chain protocol that utilizes game theory to create a highly accountable and equitable multi-asset decentralised marketplace. Using Game Theory to Maximise Liquidity Game theory is a commonly used economics phrase referring to a framework for predicting the choices of … Read more

Acala Integrating Chainlink Oracle Pallet for Price Feeds Upon Upcoming Polkadot Launch

Robin Whitney Sep 9 · 5 min read After years of hard work and development, the Polkadot ecosystem is gearing up for the launch of numerous parachains that will set the foundation for its interoperable blockchain ecosystem. As one of the first parachains planned to go live, Acala is focused on hitting the ground running … Read more

Genshiro Has Launched The Second Round Of Its Crowdloan Campaign

Equilibrium Aug 27 · 3 min read There’s no time like the present to show your support for Genshiro. Our crowdloan is live, users can stake their KSM here in support of Genshiro. Despite Kusama parachain auction starts only on September 1st and we intend to win eight six-week leasing periods for our Kusama parachain … Read more

Going, going….

Helena Flack Aug 25 · 5 min read With the Kusama parachain auctions creeping up again, we are revving up the engine for round two and this post sets the scene of why these auctions are a game changer, not just for Centrifuge, but for the entire blockchain ecosystem. Let’s take it from the top… … Read more

How We’re Protecting Against Downside Of KSM Staked For Our Parachain

Equilibrium Aug 24 · 2 min read The Genshiro community is staking KSM in support of our effort to win a Kusama parachain slot. But just like any other cryptocurrency, KSM is prone to volatility and potential negative price action. We’re going to explain our plan for protecting the community against any KSM downside risk … Read more

Participating in Crowdloans on Kusama and Polkadot

Polkadot Aug 23 · 4 min read By Bill Laboon, Director of Education and Community at Web3 Foundation Parachains are the diverse layer-1 blockchains that run in parallel on the Polkadot and Kusama networks. Parachains connect to Polkadot or Kusama by leasing a parachain slot on the Relay Chain. Apart from the slots for common … Read more