SIL Finance x PentaLaunch Auction Subscription Guide

DoraFactory Just now·4 min read SIL Auction Subscription Guide Basic Auction Information Auction Token: $SIL Auction Quantity: 40 $SIL Price range: $1000-$1500 Single address limit: 0.4$SIL Opening Time: 17/06/2021 04:00 UTC Close Time:17/06/2021 10:00 UTC Time to claim: 17/06/2021 11:59 pm UTC Auction Platform: PentaLaunch Auction Payment: USDC Auction Curve: y = 3 * (x … Read more

PentaLaunch Frontend Upgrade and Launching Rule Update

DoraFactory May 7·2 min read by PentaLaunch Team PentaLaunch has completed a frontend update. The updated frontend can tag curves based on the following rules: 1. Curves created will show on the frontend without permission of any party, including PentaLaunch itself. By default, a curve has no tags. Because the curve can be created by … Read more

Announcement on $WAR PentaLaunch Auction

DoraFactory Apr 29·1 min read by PentaLaunch Team Today, WeStarter successfully launched on PentaLaunch. The curve auction completed within 7 minutes, the curve address can be found here: During the sale, some fake curves were created by scammers. PentaLaunch team responded timely in the PentaLaunch Teglegram group (, and posted an announcement on Dora … Read more

WeStarter x PentaLaunch Auction Subscription Guide

DoraFactory Apr 24·4 min read 1. Basic Auction Information Auction Token:$WAR Auction Quantity: 120,000 $WAR Start Price: 0.25 U Curve Highest Price: 0.25 U Opening Time:04/29/2021 20:00 SGT Time to claim:04/30/2021 21:00 SGT Auction Platform:PentaLaunch Maximum Purchase Limit: 400 $WAR each address Auction Payment: USDC Auction Curve: Y=0.25 U 2. Important Note: 1. Please cautiously … Read more