1st Halving Period Will Happen on #2,763,069 Khala Block Height Since Gemini Upgrade

Phala Network Nov 7 · 3 min read Phala (Phala&Khala) launched the Gemini Tokenomics at Khala block height #1,467,069 (04/08/2022, UTC+0). This means that the calculation of compute rewards (CR) does not distinguish between Phala or Khala Networks, sharing 70% of the reward pool. As discussed in Gemini tokenomics, the supply of $PHA rewards will … Read more

Phat Contract. Hello There.

Phala Network Sep 27 · 3 min read Phat Contact, an innovative programming model enabling off-chain computation, used to be known by the public under the name of Fat Contract. Today, it is coming with a new image, representing Phala’s personality with the name Phat Contract and a logo in line with its technological image. … Read more

ANN | SubBridge Launches on Phala Network, Leveraging the Interoperability Between Polkadot…

Phala Network Sep 1 · 2 min read SubBridge has progressed to the next stage: the two-way transfer from Phala to Ethereum is officially live now. https://subbridge.io/ Now, you can swap PHA to Ethereum in a decentralized way with no fee beyond an Ethereum transaction fee. Reverse transfer can also be achieved (That is, you … Read more

SubBridge Supports Transfer Between Crab and Khala, PhalaWorld Released New Origin Shell…

Phala Network Aug 15 · 3 min read 👷 Khala/Phala Secure Worker Mining 🙋 Khala Democracy Governance Khala has 1 Democracy referendum underway this week. Treasury accumulated 15.65 M PHA. Democracy Referendum #54: This referendum is a public proposal without specific content and should be rejected. #55: This referendum comes from a parliamentary motion to … Read more

Fat Contract: Introduce Off-chain Computation to Smart Contract

Shelvenzhou Aug 4 · 6 min read written by Shelven Zhou, the Lead Researcher of Phala Network Post Material after WASM conference 2022 What is off-chain computation? Before introducing the off-chain computation, let’s first learn about the on-chain computation model adopted by almost all the existing smart contracts. Figure 1. On-chain Execution of Transaction Figure … Read more

Phala Network Launches Cross-chain Router SuBbridge, Breaking the Boundaries Between Parachain and…

Phala Network Apr 6 · 4 min read We are excited to announce that the new product of Phala Network’s Decentralized Computation cloud platform, SubBridge has launched! It is the first cross-chain router in the substrate ecosystem, which will bridge Parachain, EVM, and other chains. As one of the most important products of Phala, SubBridge, … Read more

Vendetta 1605: End-Game | Official Setup Guide

Phala Network · Follow Feb 14 · 4 min read V for Vendetta is a story of liberation, democracy, love, anti-totalitarian, and ideological emancipation. It enlightened people not only with stunning imageries — dystopian talks, the explosion of House of Parliament, numerous Guy Fawkes masks, chic roses, Tchaikovsky, over 22,000 dominos — but also educated … Read more

Phala Network at ETHDenver 2022

Phala Network · Follow Feb 10 · 3 min read The concept of Web3 has attracted major attention in the past moths. The bull market is coming and we will witness a war between web2 and web3. Phala, as one of the most competitive Web3 cloud projects, is working hard to optimize and implement its … Read more