The Equilibrium Live Contest is Here! Registration is Open

Equilibrium Nov 25 · 3 min read We’re excited to announce the Equilibrium Live Contest! After going live we’ll run a competition allowing our community to test its skills and earn generous EQ prizes. Our goal is to provide a stimulating and educational experience for everyone involved. The competition accepts both individual and team participation. … Read more

Insurance Pool: Amazing Use Case For Wrappers/LP Tokens

Equilibrium Nov 7 · 5 min read Wrappers and LP tokens provide solutions to various challenges in the cryptocurrency market. Wrapped tokens exist to solve interoperability issues by facilitating asset transfer between different protocols. They represent the value of their underlying coin (wrapped asset). Similarly, LP tokens hold the worth of locked assets and unlock … Read more

Exploring EQ Token Utilities: Why It’s a Long-Term Hold

Equilibrium Nov 4 · 5 min read Equilibrium’s mission remains to make DeFi even more incredible by continuously enhancing user experience, ending liquidity fragmentation, and offering exceptional services. Essential to the Equilibrium experience is the native EQ token, which fuels transactions among other Equilibrium activities. EQ tokens after Equilibrium’s planned updates will also provide access … Read more

Become A Referrer in Equilibrium’s 2nd Public Offering and Earn Fantastic Rewards

Equilibrium Nov 3 · 3 min read We recently announced Phase 2 of our Public Offering kickstarting this November 21st. For this round, we have set a cap of 300,000 $DOT, and it will be hosted on our brand new Launchpad. Joining the whitelist for the Offering is not necessary, however, it comes with loads … Read more

Equilibrium: October 2022 in Review

Equilibrium Nov 3 · 4 min read Following our September Closed Beta launch, October was also very busy. We spent time compiling and working through the results from the Closed Beta and participated in a couple of events. Here’s a highlight of all the activities of October. Our recent Web3alert integration lets you track your … Read more

Equilibrium’s 2nd EQ Offering Kicks Off: Join The Whitelist

Equilibrium Nov 1 · 2 min read You asked for it, now you’ve got it! 92% of you voted in favor of a second phase of the Offering. Phase 1 on Republic Crypto was oversubscribed and we have raised the $500,000 hard cap in the first phase. If you missed Phase 1, we’re excited to … Read more

Equilibrium 23rd Community Call

Equilibrium Oct 29 · 7 min read In our usual fashion, we held our 23rd community call on 27th October, 2022 where we shared with our community all the events of the month. So let’s dive into the meat of the meeting. Shout out to all teams and communities We initially planned on admitting 500 … Read more

We reviewed the Equilibrium trading stats. Here’s what we found

Equilibrium Oct 25 · 3 min read The purpose of Closed Beta was to evaluate the progress we’ve made so far on Equilibrium. We were as eager as you were to test, experiment with, and push the Equilibrium application to its limits. To examine the functionality of our software in various use cases, our team … Read more

Equilibrium Closed Beta Was a Massive Success! Thank You for The Support

Equilibrium Oct 20 · 3 min read Equilibrium, the one-stop platform to earn, borrow, and trade at max efficiency, launched its Closed Beta, allowing users to experience Equilibrium services before its full launch. Users had two weeks to play as individuals or teams, with a provided virtual portfolio, and try to maximize its value to … Read more

Insurance Pool Performance During Equilibrium’s Closed Beta

Equilibrium Oct 19 · 4 min read Closed Beta was about reviewing the work we’d accomplished so far in building Equilibrium. We were equally excited as you were to test the Equilibrium application, play around, and push it to the limits. Our team created different accounts to analyze our app functionality in various use cases. … Read more