“Chaotic Kintsugi” Bitcoin Inscriptions: Announcing First Drop

Interlay Mar 15 · 2 min read First drop: Join the Kintsugi DeFi Hub waitlist and become a top referrer for a chance to win Prepare for a thrilling journey with Interlay! We’re unveiling a captivating, limited-edition collection named Chaotic Kintsugi, minted as Bitcoin inscriptions — rare digital artefacts similar to NFTs that live on … Read more

February Ecosystem Update

Interlay Feb 28 · 5 min read Interlay v2 Whitepaper: From Bridge to BTC DeFi Hub We are excited to share with you the long-awaited whitepaper outlining our vision for the future of Bitcoin in the rapidly growing DeFi space. As you know, Interlay has been working hard to bridge the gap between Bitcoin and … Read more

New Interlay Whitepaper Proposes Expansion to Bitcoin DeFi Hub

Interlay Feb 14 · 2 min read We’re excited to propose Interlay v2, which suggests expanding Interlay from a bridge to a decentralized network that provides DeFi tools for Bitcoin users. We invite the Interlay community to read the whitepaper, share their feedback, and vote on the suggested course of action here. In this blog … Read more

Equilibrium Goes Full Blast: Meet Our Liquidity Mining Program With Up To 131% APR

Equilibrium Feb 3 · 5 min read We’re excited to announce EQ Blast, a program our team has been developing in the background. EQ Blast is introducing incentivized liquidity mining with up to 131% APR! The program adds new opportunities to earn in the Equilibrium ecosystem. It will be live later this month so make … Read more

Equilibrium Partners with Talisman for EQ and EQD Support

Equilibrium Feb 2 · 3 min read We’re excited to announce our latest partnership featuring Talisman! Talisman brings its wallet solution into the Equilibrium ecosystem, allowing users to leverage their assets in new ways. Equilibrium now supports EQD and EQ token storage in the Talisman wallet and allows asset transfer through a Talisman wallet connection. … Read more

Get Ready to Try the New Bitcoin DeFi Hub and Win Prizes!

Interlay Feb 2 · 2 min read We are thrilled to announce the upcoming Bitcoin DeFi Hub trading competition on the Kintsugi Testnet! Whether you’re an experienced trader or just curious about DeFi, this is the perfect opportunity to test and experience the ease of lending, borrowing, and swapping BTC with just a few clicks. … Read more

Equilibrium and Pendulum Integrate for Cross-Chain EQD Stablecoin & PEN Functionality

Equilibrium Feb 1 · 2 min read We’re excited to announce our partnership with Pendulum, an open-source blockchain linking the fiat and DeFi ecosystems through a complex smart contract network. The collaboration will introduce minting, liquidity, and trading opportunities for PEN (Pendulum’s native token) and EQD stablecoin holders. Pendulum features practical aspects for financial operations … Read more

January Ecosystem Update

Interlay Jan 31 · 3 min read New features and integrations, what’s happening in governance and events, and much more. New Features Use Your Old Smartphone as a Hardware Wallet for Interlay Using ParitySigner, a mobile app developed by Parity Technologies, the team building Polkadot, you can turn your smartphone into a hardware wallet. All … Read more

Ajuna Adds EQD Stablecoin Support for In-Game Transactions XCM Integration to Follow

Equilibrium Jan 27 · 1 min read We’re excited to announce EQD’s addition to the Ajuna Network as in-game currency for microtransactions. The move expands EQD utility, allowing holders to execute in-game purchases using the EQD stablecoin. Ajuna will launch the first season of their AAA games by the end of January. Our next steps … Read more

The Equilibrium Astar XCM Integration is Here!

Equilibrium Jan 26 · 2 min read We’re excited to announce the Equilibrium Astar XCM integration! Through Astar’s EVM-based functionality, EQ and EQD will enjoy cross-functionalities, allowing Equilibrium users to leverage their assets as liquidity inside various DeFi protocols connected to Astar. XCM enhances blockchain interoperability, allowing native asset transfer between connected chains, thus broadening … Read more