A Deep Dive in Phala Confidential World: More Creativity and Broader Scope of Applications

Phala Network Nov 8 · 6 min read The 2021 “Phala ✖️ Polkadot Encode Club Hackathon” officially ended on October 31. A total of 17 entries submitted by 12 participants passed the initial review by Phala team. According to the rules, finalists will have the opportunity to get rewards. The final review may take 2 … Read more

Adjustable privacy features: now available on the Ocean Market

In collaboration with deltaDAO, we implemented new adjustable privacy features into Ocean Market. If data owners want to spin up their data market based on Ocean Market, it will now include adjustable privacy features by design, including a privacy preference center, multi-language privacy policies, and more editable metadata. Section 1 of this blog post discusses … Read more

Parnership | Parami partnered with 1Sol Protocol to explore on community growth and DAO governance

Parami Protocol Just now·3 min read Parami Protocol, a user-centric universal attention marketplace with a privacy-preserving design, announces its new strategic partnership with 1sol, a state-of-art player in cross-chain DeFi aggregation on Solana. 1Sol Protocol will cooperate with Parami on its liquidity mining mechanism and help to expand business on a cross-chain basis. Leveraging Parami … Read more

Parami Ambassador Program Officially Launch

Parami Protocol Just now·3 min read Parami Ambassador Program We are going to a new promising land 🪄 Parami will create a brand new world to rest the universal advertising model for next-gen. Now we are eager to find our Paramillionaires to build our homeland together! Parami has officially launched its ambassador program. And we … Read more

Parami Dāna Testnet Node-running Tutorial

Parami Protocol Just now·14 min read Parami Dāna Testnet Node-running Tutorial This tutorial is divided into 5 steps and does not require any previous experience. Most of the steps are illustrated with screenshots. Step 1:Preparation, you will fill out a questionnaire, download a browser (if need be) Step 2:Renting a server, you will learn how … Read more

Parami BNUG AMA Recap

Parami Protocol Just now·12 min read Ethan Novum [2021–06–19 00:00:15]Greeting from Parami community Elizabeth [2021–06–19 00:01:23] It’s good to be here from parami communityubaidullah ibn isa [2021–06–19 00:02:10] Welcome to BNUG, hope you’ve cooked informations about Parami protocol for us😎 Lucky [2021–06–19 00:02:18] Hello @all my people I greet una from parami protocol team It … Read more

Parami Bi-Weekly Updates (May 31–June 13)

Parami Protocol Just now·3 min read Dev Status Parami Node Updated dependency, using substrate master branch Fixed all test cases Initialised chain-specifications for Parami Dana testnet Prepared boot nodes for the testnet AD3 IM Wallet AD3 IM Wallet is a plug-in light wallet tailored for Instant Message Apps including WeChat, Telegram and Messenger. 1. Modified … Read more

What problems does Parami try to solve

Intro Parami Protocol Just now·3 min read AD3.0 is a native advertising system based on the Web3.0 concept. It mainly solves the following three problems: How to establish a user-centric advertising system How to gather the traffic on Web3.0 How to improve the ROI of digital advertising A User-Centric Advertising System Parami provides users with … Read more

Parami Bi-Weekly Updates (May 3–16)

Parami Protocol May 27·3 min read Dev Status Parami Node Completed the development and testing of Bridge Parami Substrate ↔ ETH which has been deployed on testnet Dāna. Drafted the advertising privacy plan, including blind signature, homomorphic public key encryption, and zero knowledge proof of user preference data. Completed the development of the NFT Pallet … Read more

SubDAO Announced a Cooperation with Privacy-Preserving AI network PlatON

SubDAO Network May 26·3 min read Polkadot DAO Infrastructure SubDAO announced a Cooperation with PlatON We are glad to announce a cooperation with the privacy-preserving AI network PlatON. SubDAO together with PlatON will realize the mutual integration of SubDAO and PlatON through multi-dimensional technical and ecological collaboration. As Polkadot’s DAO infrastructure, SubDAO is intended to … Read more