Interlay Parachain Launch Roadmap

Alexei Zamyatin Mar 11 · 2 min read Interlay has secured a Polkadot parachain slot in Batch 2 and is going live on Polkadot on 11 March 2022. Now, it’s time to outline the next steps! Following our commitment to transparency, we have released a Live Interlay Launch Roadmap where you can follow the launch … Read more

Answering popular questions on Pontem Future development:

Pontem Network · Follow Feb 3 · 3 min read 1. What will be the use case of your mainnet given the change of direction from Meta and Diem? For those that are not aware, the Diem Association made up of a consortium of companies including Meta (Facebook) recently sold their assets to Silvergate bank. … Read more

A Wholistic Overview of the Ocean Ecosystem

OPF core team is just one team of many in the growing Ocean ecosystem. Let’s discuss teams doing third-party data markets. Several Ocean-powered data markets are live in production or as demos. And many more are on the way, like that of publicly-traded Wisekey and other large orgs 🎁. A handful of teams have contracts … Read more