Everything you need to know about Solidly, the latest project by Andre Cronje

When famous DeFi developer Andre Cronje announced he’d be launching a project called Solidly on Fantom, a real ‘vamp war’ broke out for its airdrop. In just 2 months, Fantom skyrocketed to the 3d place among all blockchains by TVL. Then, shortly after Solidly went live, Andre announced he was leaving DeFi — and the … Read more

SubDAO Will Bring DAO Capabilities to Moonriver/Moonbeam

SubDAO Network Just now·2 min read SubDAO Will Bring DAO Capabilities to Moonriver/Moonbeam SubDAO is very glad to announce that it will be bringing its DAO infrastructure tools to Moonriver/Moonbeam. As part of the integration, the SubDAO team will develop the SubDAO protocol based on Solidity standard to adapt to the Moonriver network. The fully-fledged … Read more

Comparison of The Top 10 Smart Contract Programming Languages in 2021

PrerequisitesThis article is for developers that are familiar with blockchain and smart contracts. If you are not comfortable with these terminologies, first watch this 5 min video explaining blockchain simply. You can also use this blockchain guide for beginners to reference key terms when you read. As a blockchain developer that has joined the space … Read more

Moonbeam Monthly Dispatch: November 2020

Katherine QB Nov 18, 2020 · 4 min read We have many announcements and upcoming events to share with you. Let’s get started! Moonbase Alpha TestNet v3 Adds Unified Ethereum Accounts We introduced a significant upgrade to our Moonbase Alpha TestNet: Unified Accounts. Announced today, it incorporates a significant account system update that will substantially … Read more