VOLYR – Capturing Moments in Humankind’s Storyline

Web3 will rebalance the power dynamics between users and platforms by enabling individuals and creators to have unprecedented ownership over their own data and content. VOLYR’s mission is to contribute to this journey by driving mass adoption of Web3 solutions by a wider audience.  VOLYR are a team of engineers, entrepreneurs, independent journalists and Web3 … Read more

Mittaria Announces Web3 ‘SocialFi’ Animation Galaxy

Mittaria, a virtual galaxy for animation lovers, has announced its arrival in the global Web3 ecosystem. The project is backed by the stunning animations of T&B Media Global and plans to build an entertainment hub for animation lovers. Within this hub, a flourishing Web3 ecosystem will grow, built upon the foundation of happiness, for creative … Read more

Lamborghini Launches ‘The Epic Road Trip’ NFT Collection 

On August 8th, 2022, Automobili Lamborghini, in collaboration with NFT PRO and INVNT.ATOM, is set to launch the first of its new curated NFT series ‘The Epic Road Trip’. Following two successful NFT drops to date, the super sports car giant Lamborghini is ready to unleash an explosive NFT series, taking place over an 8-month … Read more

ThugCity To Drop 10,000 NFTs in New P2E Sensation

On August 6th, ThugCity will launch on the Ethereum blockchain with 10,000 non-fungible tokens (NFTs), comprising 9,000 Thugs and 1,000 Cops.  Welcome to ThugCity, an innovative new play-to-earn (P2E) experience, which invites you to stake your Thugs or Cops in a strategic battle for supremacy in the City. Initially in the game, the goal is … Read more

The Wolves of Rome (WoR) to Launch its Debut ‘Empires NFT’ Drop

On July 29th 2022 Wolves of Rome will emerge on the Cardano Blockchain with its first WoR Empires NFT drop. The NFTs will be loaded with utility and feature 3D animated art linked to 6 core Empires in the NFT trading card game. For the alpha drop, WoR begins with ‘The Empire of Wolves’ – … Read more

Domingo Zapata and Sita Abellan Launch Iconic Panda NFT Collection

World renowned Spanish artist Domingo Zapata has teamed up with fashion icon Sita Abellan to launch a collection of 8888 Panda NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Zapata’s acclaimed panda art series, owned by celebrities and collectors around the globe, will be unleashed upon the Web3 realm in June 2022, with auctions also taking place in … Read more

MetaGoblin NFTs by MetaBlaze: Will this Passive Income Generating Collection be the Newest NFT Trend? Board Ape Owners Think So

Developed by MetaBlaze: “MetaGoblin” NFTs. There has been a lot of excitement and hype surrounding this project. Many owners of popular NFT collections such as Board Ape Yacht Club, Crypto Punks, and Moonbirds have been quick to show their support for the MetaGoblin NFT collection, set to go on presale on May 8th, 2022. The … Read more

THE LARGEST NFT contest on the Relictum NFT Marketplace

Relictum NFT Marketplace is a celebrity at the dawn of the NFT era! Relictum ecosystem is a powerful set of products and advanced technologies available for everyone in one app and designed for implementing tasks of any complexity and bold ideas of blockchain technology. After the buzz in the blockchain market, Relictum has gained respect … Read more